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Obaapa Set

  • The Obaapa comes in a 9 pieces set which includes a 28cm frying pan, and 4 casseroles (32cm, 28cm, 24cm and 20cm).  
  • The Obaapa set’s interior helps prevent foods from sticking and will not react with foods 
  • It has great heat conductivity so you only need a little bit of heat to cook all your special meals.  
  • The stay-cool handles are cast from solid stainless steel and designed for your ergonomic comfort so you can touch the handles while you cook without worrying about being burned.  
  • The Obaapa set’s Mirror-finished attractive stainless-steel exterior is hand-polished to a radiant shine, all you need to do is polish it with your favorite stainless steel cleaner and it will always look new and can last you for a long time.  
  • The Obaapa set is PTFE and PFOA Free 
  • They can be used on any induction, gas and electric stovetop 
  • Fast, even heating on any cooking surface 
  • The polished stainless stay-cool handles are secured with sturdy, non-corrosive rivets 

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