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Mersi Cookware

Rich Red Ohemaa Set

Rich Red Ohemaa Set

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Say Hello to your beautiful Mersi Cookware Ohemaa Set!!

  • The Ohemaa set is an 11 piece set with 4 individual silicone handles in each set
  • Ohemaa means Queen in Akan, a prominent language in Ghana

  • This set includes 4 Casserole pots, a frying pan, a roaster and 2 pairs of silicon handles!

“What's inside?”

  • The Ohemaa set is made of die-cast aluminum and so they are lighter and conduct heat more efficiently than your average casserole pot

  • All pots have ILAG non-stick coating that is top of the line and are all PFOA and PTFE free 

  • This set is perfect for cooking and baking all your favourite meals

  • These pots are safe in the oven for up to 260°C (500°F), and can be used on all stovetops including Induction

  • They are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher 

Pot Descriptions 

  • 16cm casserole: 1.06QT

  • 20cm casserole: 1.76QT

  • 24cm casserole: 3.78QT

  • 28cm casserole: 5.81QT

  • 31cm roaster: 5.54QT

  • 28cm fry pan: 2.9QT

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